Our range of Steamy delivery bags

We offer quality delivery bags which provide an easy solution for the hospitality industry, catering, restaurants, food retail, for keeping pizzas, food and meals warm or cold.

The bags are ideal for everyday use, easy to clean and affordable. Whether you deliver by bicycle, scooter or car, we have a wide range of delivery bags from small to large, a delivery bag with shoulder strap, special pizza delivery bag or a delivery backpack, we have a bag that suits you for every situation.

Looking for delivery bags with your own company logo? We also provide solutions to custom print/personalize the delivery bags. If you are interested in large quantities of our delivery bags, custom print delivery bags, want to become a reseller for Steamy or just want some more information please contact us at: info@iglookoelboxen.nl. Consumers can buy Steamy delivery bags at https://www.iglookoelboxen.nl.

S31 Delivery Bag Small
– Capacity: 19 liter
– Outer dimensions:
33cm x 22cm x 33 cm
– With mesh pockets on the side for extra space
– EAN: 8720299589209

S16 Delivery Bag Medium
– Capacity: 25 liter
– Outer dimensions:
33cm x 31cm x 28 cm
– EAN: 8720299589216

S61 Pizza Delivery Bag
– Capacity: 29 liter
– Outer dimensions:
40cm x 40cm x 20cm
– Suitable for small medium and large pizzas
– EAN: 8720299589223

S8 Delivery Bag Large
– Capacity: 39 liter
– Outer dimensions:
54cm x 30cm x 28cm
– EAN: 8720299589247

S7 Delivery Bag with detachable shoulder strap
– Capacity: 44 liter
– Outer dimensions:
38cm x 38cm x 36cm
– With shoulder strap for easy carrying
– EAN: 8720299589254

S17 Delivery Bag XL
– 51 liter
– Outer dimensions:
44cm x 38cm x 36 cm
– With mesh pockets on the side for extra space
– EAN: 8720299589261

S95 Delivery backpack
– Capacity: 63 liter
– Outer dimensions:
37cm x 41cm x 45 cm
– Backpack model for easy carrying
– EAN: 8720299589278

S81 Delivery Bag XXL
– Capacity: 81 liter
– Outer dimensions:
69cm x 39cm x 39 cm
– With mesh pockets on the side for extra space
– EAN: 8720299589230